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Giving Matters: Daddy Lessons

Log Cabin Democrat 16 Jun 2021
Father’s Day is this weekend and I was fortunate enough to have two men in my life that I called Dad. Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone pretty special to be a Dad ... My stepfather was a truck driver and growing up I didn’t have much of an opportunity to get to know him very well ... We are formed by little scraps of wisdom,” Umberto Eco. .

Free Will Astrology (6/9/21)

Seven Days 10 Jun 2021
GEMINI (May 21-June 20). I'm glad you're not on the planet Saturn right now. The winds there can blow at 1,000 miles per hour. But I would like you to feel a brisk breeze as you wander around in nature here on Earth ... CANCER (June 21-July 22) ... Please note ... 22). Author Umberto Eco declared that beauty is boring because it "must always follow certain rules."

Free Will Astrology for week of June 10, 2021

San Francisco Examiner 10 Jun 2021
Author Umberto Eco declared that beauty is boring because it “must always follow certain rules.” A beautiful nose has to be just the right shape and size, he said, while an “ugly nose” can be ugly in a million different unpredictable ways.

Horoscopes for JUN 10 - 16

Salt Lake City Weekly 09 Jun 2021
ARIES (March 21-April 19) ... In it, he clarified how different he was from the character he performed ... Author Umberto Eco declared that beauty is boring because it "must always follow certain rules." ... Beginning now, and for the rest of 2021, Leo, I encourage you to ignore Eco's dull beauty and cultivate your relationship with the more interesting kind ... R.

Patrice Vecchione, Walkabout Town: An upstairs world between two covers

Monterey Herald 05 Jun 2021
Because the shop is intimate and the books — both old and new — live in close proximity to each other, you really do feel their magic, as Spoto referred to it, “Chaos magic! Books are objects we give emotional intensity to.” She reminded me of Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the ...

Umberto Eco’s “Story of the Betrothed” published in Persian

Tehran Times 28 May 2021
TEHRAN – Italian writer Umberto Eco’s “The Story of the Betrothed” has recently been published in Persian in Tehran ... .

#24. The Name of the Rose (1986)

Magic Valley 27 May 2021
... mystery, based on Umberto Eco’s bestselling novel.

Today’s GOP bears no resemblance to party that stood for the rule of law

Bangor Daily News 23 May 2021
Frederic B ... But there is another, broader lie ... The Italian author Umberto Eco, who grew up during the reign of Benito Mussolini, once set out the complex signs of fascism. Key traits included authoritarian rule, opposition to democracy, xenophobia, disdain for free speech, intolerance, homophobia and use of an impoverished vocabulary, Eco wrote ... ....

How Shashi Tharoor examines the two nationalisms at odds in India today but fails to ...

Indian Express 23 May 2021
Author. Shashi Tharoor. Publisher. Aleph Book Company. Pages. 462. Price. Rs 799Register Now. It's Free. Register to continue reading this story for free ... Continue. OR ... The latter is led by a personality cult, which demands, as Umberto Eco says and Tharoor quotes in the book, that “citizens do not act; they are only called on to play the role of the People” ... x.

The Jab, Star Wars, and the Bubble Net of Digital Gulags

Dissident Voice 22 May 2021
See, hear, speak no evil!. And, we are the slow fish, the 80 percent. ... Imagine that ... Source ... C.J ... Monotti refers to Umberto Eco’s “Ur-Fascism” (Eternal Fascism) on how fascism or totalitarianism is not a thing of the past, but an evil that is present in every generation and which must be identified, recognized, and fought back against.

The Curious Case of the Rocky Valley Labyrinths

Ancient Origins 18 May 2021
( Jenny / Adobe Stock) Abegael Seward. Dispelling the Notion of Cultural Diffusion ... Labyrinths have become a fascinating area of study, dream representations and the like, including philosophy in the writings of authors like Jorge Luis Borges, Umberto Eco, right up till the popular, modern-day Percy Jackson series, and countless films and television.

Show me ... the way, to the stage!

Pauls Valley Democrat 05 May 2021
By Tim Smith. Where A r[ts] Thou?. #796. Summer theater, First theater. “Hey kids, let’s do a musical!”. Summer theater as we know it today, and at its core, most likely looks exactly the same way it did back when “Mickey and Judy” were earning their performance stripes ... For example. ... “I love the smell of book ink in the morning. “(Umberto Eco, 1929-) ... ... ... .

Facebook Will Announce Tomorrow Whether Trump and His Fascist Posts Can Return

truthout 04 May 2021
Is there a collective definition for fascism amid all these varieties, and if so, do Donald Trump and “Trumpism” fall into that spectrum? Celebrated author Umberto Eco, himself a survivor of European fascism, endeavored to create precisely that sort of collective definition, which he called “ur-Fascism” in for The New York Review of Books.

Durga Krishna looks oh-so-pretty in THIS monochrome picture

The Times of India 04 May 2021
Durga Krishna has treated fans with a stunning monochrome picture lately. The ‘Vimanam’ actress turned muse for the photographer, her brother and she looks gorgeous in the picture ... Sharing the picture, Durga Krishna quoted Umberto Eco ... #SelfRespect #WorldIsAtWar #SupportEach #ArtIsLife #WorldNeedsMotivation #StayPositive.”. Check out the picture here ... .

Saif Ali Khan, now avid book lover, once laughed at the idea of reading poetry. Watch hilarious video

Hindustan Times 19 Apr 2021
An old interview clip shows a young Saif Ali Khan laughing at the idea of reading poetry. The actor now loves to read and has a large collection of books at his home ... Also read ... Speaking to Hindustan Times, Saif revealed Leo Tolstoy, Umberto Eco and Salman Rushdie were his favourite writers and would recommend The Road Less Travelled by M ... ....